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Why We Write edited by Meredith Maran

Everyone who knows me well knows that my one deep dark aspiration in life is to become a published author. Seriously, on my bucket list–seeing my name on a shelf on a table at  (or honestly, even in a corner of) Barnes & Noble–this dream comes before all others. And what, might you ask, am I actively doing to achieve this goal? 9780452298156_medium_Why_We_Write

Jack diddly squat.

I make excuses, I fiddle around. I clean my house. I turn on the tv. I look at those godforsaken demon-spawn time-sucking websites (that I ADORE), Facebook and Pinterest. Basically anything other than sitting still and putting words in a new document.

(Whatever dude, that blinking cursor is scary).

In Why We Write, twenty authors explain how they stay motivated, get past the cursor heebie-jeebies, and produce/publish their work. (And from the sounds of it, it seems many of them find the writing process as torturous as I do… Although there are several jerks who “can’t NOT write.” Well poop on them). I found myself dog-earring a ton of pages and I plan to write them all down in my “writer’s” notebook. (See? I have tons of ideas of things to do other than write!)

This book arrived at my door as an unexpected gift from my cousin, and I intend to put it to good use–just as soon as that laundry gets folded…

4 blank pages of 5