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The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore

So this morning (ok, afternoon) when I was out running, I started thinking about why I run. I don’t run for fitness purposes, for tighter abs, or a higher butt. I hate exercising. It totally sucks, and anyone who says otherwise is either lying or just crazy. I literally have to force myself to do it every single time.  

That being said, The Rise of Nine totally makes me what to kick some ass. Like Number Six–she’s so hardcore. I love her and have a girl crush on her. I admire strong female characters instead of simpering princesses, and that’s exactly what she is.

I don’t run because I like it, I run because if evil Mogadorians are actually invading our planet and prepping for total destruction… I want to be ready. Reading about how Numbers Four through Ten are developing their Legacies, kicking some ass, and running for their lives makes me want to do the same thing.

All I need now are some super powers.

In the third installment of the Lorien Legacies series, Lore flips back and forth between points of view just like in the other novels. Don’t let the title fool you, it isn’t all about Nine (no matter what he thinks).

This time the Loric teenagers are seeking Number Eight in India and make the startling discovery that the US government has paired up with the Mogadorians and together they are hoping to annihilate the teenage aliens. *sigh* Leave it to our government to pick the wrong side, right?

I loved this book, just as I have loved the other two. Lore uses the same page-turning cliff-hangers to keep a reader involved and excited. I am Number Four and The Power of Six were both definitely more gripping, but you can tell that The Rise of Nine is being used to set up the next (and probably last) book in the series. I liked meeting new Numbers and seeing how that–although the kids were chosen to be Lorien’s last hope–they each have totally different personalities. They all bring something different to the table. Mwah.

Read it, my fellow teenage aliens. And while you do, I’ll be out running… 😉

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