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The Kill Order by James Dashner

Have you ever wondered what would happen to our planet if it were hit by huge solar flares? (Much like what almost just happened the other day…) What if, on top of that decimation, a deadly virus was released by the government to control the population. But then, instead doing a human “controlled burn” it was the virus that had the control. Rather than burning itself out after killing those targeted, it spread across the globe turning innocent people into crazed lunatic killers.

What would you do? 

Well, if you’re like me and a wuss–you’d curl up in a hysterical ball and wait for the crazy to hit. BUT, if you’re like Marc, Trina, and Alec in The Kill Order–you hit the ground running and never look back. As far as prequels go, I think Dashner hit the nail on the head with this bad boy.

TKO takes place 13 years before The Maze Runner and offers an insight into the who, what, why, when, and how that the three previous books didn’t touch on. A small band of survivors from NYC migrated to the Appalachian mountains and made a lean-to slap-dash settlement. There they lived peacefully until their already shattered lives were re-broken by a horribly unethical betrayal by the government. Holy smokes. Now–with a ton of their friends dead and those remaining slowly losing their minds–Marc, Trina, Alec, and a handful of others must make their way to civilization to see if there is a cure.

But with sanity slipping away, woods full of killer crazies, and a deadly government–will they make it there in time?

Everyone who has read the trilogy kind of knows where it’s all headed, but I enjoyed TKO MUCH more than the three original books. There was so much more action and suspense–nonstop, actually–that I couldn’t put it down. I whined my way through the series, and didn’t really care for them that much. The Kill Order, however, could stand alone in its greatness.

And plus it was so damn creepy.

5 Cranks out of 5