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Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs

10429067Grace. Gretchen. Greer. Three sisters, one destiny. They are the identical triplet descendants of the famous Medusa–and while they can’t turn people to stone with their eyes–they do have some pretty interesting abilities of their own. They are huntresses, assigned to bite invading creatures with their venomous fangs and thus send them back to the Underworld. Or wherever they came from.

Too bad they were separated at birth and must find each other before the monsters of myth and legend take over San Francisco. Ass-kicking Gretchen must find tree-hugging Grace and unite with snobby rich girl Greer to fulfill their ancient duty.

I know it sounds terribly cheesy, but it was actually vastly entertaining. I learned a lot about Greek mythology, especially all the random beasts running around. Each chapter was split into a different sister’s perspective and that kept the pace moving along nicely. I liked that there were some little droplets of romantic interest for each of the sisters, but none overwhelmed the story or made it too cheesy/teen angsty.

I admit, I did catch myself drifting in and out during certain parts, but mostly I enjoyed it. I could see the books being translated into one of those 90’s Disney Channel original movies that we all LOVED back it the day. I’m just glad the YA Fiction market has started to drift away from werewolves and vampires–and I love my weres and vamps.

I will definitely be following up with the Medusa Girls series.

4 hypnotic eyes of 5