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Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck

Tigers and dragons and sea monsters, oh my! In the third installment of the Tiger’s Curse series, Tiger’s Voyage, we meet Kelsey and feline hotties Ren and Kishan in the middle of yet another adventure. Don’t these kids ever stay home and watch trashy television?? Sheesh. 

This time they are on the third part of Durga’s quest and are now seeking the legendary Black Pearl Necklace, which would unlock another 6 hours of human-time for the tigers. That’s 18 hours a day. I mean, A) What’s with black pearls, man? They seem like nothing but trouble no matter what story you read and B) Wouldn’t you kinda just want to forget about the questing after they got their 18 hours back? I see no problem with your boyfriend being a cuddly tiger for 6 hours a day. Probably be nicer to sleep next to than a dude. Less snoring and farting, anyway…

Oh yeah, and the love triangle is still going… *sigh* But this time there are boats and sea creatures and magical dragons. At least we have distraction from the teenage angst…

The trio must now face challenges that test them more than ever before. In an underwater world, mad tiger fighting skills aren’t very effective and who knows if Kelsey’s power will translate in a ultra-high conductivity environment? They must face six ancient Asian dragons, which is awesome, but they’re a far cry from the fluffy and cute Falkor from The Neverending Story. They’re actually kind of bastards, really.

More like this….

Of course, I really enjoyed this book. It was a real page turner. As not only a lady born in year of the dragon, but also a huge underwater/sea creatures fan–I loved the mental imagery within this story. Reading this series has honestly just made me want to visit India or Thailand terribly. It seems so neat. (And by the way, I tried Indian food for the first time at the Spice Lounge down the street and it was AMAZING. Like really. Nom).

BUT–there is a but–as I have stated before, I am SO sick of this love triangle business. Pick one hot, rich, awesome, sweet, nice, loving, romantic Indian brother and stick with him. God! (And give me the number of the spare while you’re at it!) Is it really that hard? Tiger’s Voyage reveals more goings-on as far as Ren’s amnesia goes, and I don’t know whether to be relieved or annoyed. He’s still acting like a dick for the first half of the book, and Kelsey’s being a stubborn brat for the second half. Thankfully, she is finally leaning in the direction that the story will ultimately take–although I can’t say I agree with her choice.

Oh, and the scuba instructor was ANNOYING.

But all in all, read it my dears, love it like I do. The fourth and–I imagine–final book Tiger’s Destiny was just released yesterday (but I am waiting for the Kindle version to follow on the 13th).

5 Architeuthis of 5

Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

I’m going to start by saying I LOVED this book. Meow. I mean, Rawr. GRR. Whatever. Loved it. My dear friend/ex-boss/covert concert alcohol partner in crime Monica recommended it to me on the very first day we met. I knew I loved that girl. 

Let’s just say Colleen Houck’s Tiger’s Curse is one part Aladdin, a healthy dose Twilight love triangle, two parts Indiana Jones, a dash of Indian mythology, and a pinch of fur.


TC got off to a bit of a slow start building up to the action. Senior Kelsey Hayes lives in Oregon and has an average life with her vegan-food-eating foster family. After applying for a summer job as an assistant tiger caretaker at the local circus, Kelsey unknowingly becomes an integral part of unlocking an ancient Indian curse that traps two devastatingly handsome AND rich (*cough cough*)  Indian princes in tiger bodies for 23.5 hours of the day. So she’s swept off on a harrowing adventure to India to bargain with goddesses, battle demons, overcome obstacles, retrieve magical objects, and do all sorts of cool stuff.

Why can’t interesting things happen to me? (I’m still waiting for my superpowers to develop…)

I immensely enjoyed this book and I can’t believe so many publishers turned Houck down. (How do you say her name? I just do a back of the throat hawwrrrking sound…) I like it when love and adventure are thrown together along with some exotic settings.


Kelsey did annoy me at times, because she is extremely naive in the beginning and also makes some very poor hot man choices along the way. We all do, but come on! Who wouldn’t want a hot rich boyfriend that turned into a cute tiger? Dhiren is the nicest guy ever! (My boyfriend’s hot, but his cuddling skills can’t compete with a 600 lb cat…)

This is a page-turner, my dears. Even for those of you who are allergic to cats. I’m reading the second of the series as we speak.

5 pink tiger noses of 5

Quote of the Day: Hector Berlioz

“It is so rare…to find a complete person, with a soul, a heart and an imagination; so rare for characters as ardent and restless as ours to meet and to be matched together, that I hardly know how to tell you what happiness it gives me to know you.”

-Hector Berlioz

(The Boy <3) Quote of the Day: Holly Black

“A girl like that, Grandad said, perfumes herself with ozone and metal filings. She wears trouble like a crown. If she ever falls in love, she’ll fall like a comet, burning the sky as she goes.”

-Holly Black, from Black Heart

Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon

I think we all remember watching the Little Mermaid as a kid. I do. Heck, I had Little Mermaid underwear! It seems as though even after all these years our obsession with mermaids and the aquatic life hasn’t died down much. Living in Florida makes it a little easier to believe in these types of fairy tales. Surrounded by water on three sides, with beautiful beaches stretching for miles–it makes you wonder if the light you saw glinting off the waves wasn’t really glancing off of silver scales. Myself? I never understood Ariel. You want to be part of our world?? Please girl, come sit at my desk while I take your place in the surf. I don’t care much for seafood, but I’m flexible! 

 by Carolyn Turgeon is a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic. It chronicles the lives of Princess Margrethe–stuck in hiding during war-time posing as a nun–and Lenia, the Sea King’s youngest daughter. On her 18th birthday Lenia gets to visit the surface of the ocean for the first and last time (as is traditional for mermaids on their 18th year). She happens upon a terrible ship wreck and saves one handsome (of course) man from drowning. As she tows him miles to shore, she falls madly in love with him–warm skin, thumping heart, along with the idea of his soul (which mermaids do not possess). Margrethe happens to be standing on the beach at the very moment that the strange man is dragged to shore and she witnesses a tender kiss between the two. When he wakes up, he believes the young “nun” has saved him. Too bad he turns out the be the bad boy prince from the rebel Southern Kingdom. Imagine that. Soon after, Lenia visits Sybil the sea-witch to strike a bargain.

Thus ensues a love triangle of epic proportions.

“Souls were webs of light that contained the essence of a human’s life. Memories and loves, children and families. Every moment of a life, pressing in.”

I really appreciated this book. Retellings can be awesome or awful. This one was awesome. Turgeon’s style of writing is very lyrical and poetic and she has a great eye for details. I like how whenever a mermaid would touch a human’s skin, a shimmery trail would be left behind… forever. Is that cool, or what? The way that the two princesses became rivals was set up really well too. Both had so much at stake that I couldn’t help but change who I was rooting for after each new chapter. It was nice to see two beautiful women having respect for each other for once rather than being catty and evil. I liked how Turgeon added a little bit of sex appeal and raciness to the story–definitely not your Disney version here.

The only real complaint that I had about Mermaid was that the whole “love at first sight, marry me now” thing is so far-fetched that it just makes me roll my eyes. I get that extreme romance and true love theme is being imparted…but it’s a little tired if you ask me. But, I suppose that’s also how things worked back in the Medieval Times. You’re hot, I wanna bone you, let’s get married and make it legit. I get it.

Other than VEHEMENTLY disagreeing with Lenia’s choice to give up the sea for the human world, this was a great story. Definitely worth the read.

4 lost voices out of 5