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Raised by Wolves Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Many of my early teen years were spent girl-crushing after the feisty werewolf heroine Vivian from Annette Curtis Klause’s Blood and Chocolate. (Please ignore the absolutely heinous cinematic interpretation…) Klause’s prose was so spell-binding, she had a way of turning everything in our ordinary human world into magic. She made me want to be a werewolf.

Raised by Wolves is the first glimmer of similar wolfy magic I’ve seen in probably ten years. 6905534

Bryn is human, but after her parents are killed in a vicious rogue werewolf attack–or Rabid, as they say–she is taken in by a local pack. The Alpha Callum “Marks” her, thus granting protection from the other wolves and giving her over to be raised by one of the were’s human wives.

But when Bryn is 15 she begins to rebel against the male-dominated intense control of the pack. She longs for autonomy. But even as she tries to pull away, she is drawn back in by something unheard of–a new wolf–a bitten wolf. Chase has survived a gruesome mauling, has turned wolf himself, and clues about his attack ring alarm bells in Bryn’s head.

Maybe the Rabid who attacked Chase is the same wolf that killed her parents…

I was very pleasantly surprised with this book. Once again, the YA publishers have allowed a terribly cheese-tastic cover to mar what is otherwise a great story. (Can I just be in charge of the book cover department, please?) I liked that we had a human perspective into the crazy Pack dynamic and it wasn’t just your typical paranormal romance.

There were butterflies and smooching and all that, but it didn’t overwhelm the story or make me want to puke. I consider that a success. Not to mention, that Bryn wasn’t just a woe-is-me-lay-down-and-take-it type of girl. She stood up for what she believed in, even when it was a difficult thing to do.

I just wish that her “power” over her relationships/pack bonds was explained more. I don’t know if it is meditation or part of her “super survivor” thing, but I don’t really understand where it came from or how it works. Why does she have that ability? Hopefully Barnes will explain it in the next installment!

4 paw prints of 5