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I am Number Four: The Lost Files by Pittacus Lore

ImageI am a huge fan of the I am Number Four Lorien Legacy series and am excitedly awaiting the third installment The Rise of Nine–due out August 21, 2012. So of course, I need something to tide me over in the mean time.

Both of the Lorien Legacy “Lost Files” for Number Six and Nine are only available in ebook format–at a hefty $3.99 each, I might add. (Typically “short stories” are anywhere from $00.99-$2.00 in my experience). But, what the heck, I love this series, so I have to know more about it.

I am Number Four: The Lost Files-Six’s Legacy is not worth the money, frankly. I have already read The Power of Six, so I’ve already learned Six’s tragic back-story about her Cêpan’s death and her lengthy imprisonment by the Mogadorians. When her invisibility Legacy developed, she made a cunning escape. *yawn* Old news. The ebook does contain a two-chapter sneak peek of TPOS, but as the book has been out for over half a year, it’s pretty pointless. Save your money for Nine’s Legacy.


I am Number Four: The Lost Files-Nine’s Legacyis the one worth reading. Nine is a new Garde introduced briefly towards the end of TPOS, whom we knew nothing about. I liked reading his story because not only was it much longer and more well-developed, itdemonstrated the extreme differences in the Cêpan/Garde relationships. It seems as though each Cêpan had a different method for keeping their “young ward” safe, whether that be a nomadic lifestyle or “hiding in plain sight.” It also caught us up to speed on Nine’s perspective right where the second book left off.

Bottom line, skip Six (you’ll already know plenty about her) and definitely read Nine.