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Crystal Lies by Melody Carlson

So… How do I say this delicately…?

Crystal Lies by Melody Carlson was a complete waste of my time. I’m not sure how Carlson achieved it, but she made a teenager’s hideous addiction to crystal meth seem boring. The story is told in Glennis Harmon’s first person present perspective. Jacob, her son, falls in to a bad crowd around the time of his high school graduation. Naïve Glennis believes all her son’s lies about being at a friend’s house staying out late playing music, but her big shot lawyer husband doesn’t.

Therein lies the problem.  And the husband/wife divide on how to deal with Jacob’s bad habits becomes the source of much contention in the house.

I won’t get too much into the plot line, because it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that although this book has a five star rating on Amazon, don’t believe it. Carlson’s use of the present tense is very distracting, and much of the book is spent focusing on Glennis’  hand-wringing and waiting by the window for Jacob to appear. No proactivity at all. It was hard to stay engaged with a weak female protagonist.

Also, it irritated me that she was extremely inept at running her own household–to the point of not knowing how to do her own laundry. No matter how upper-class the Harmons may be, I have a hard time believing that a 40-something mom doesn’t have those basic skills.

I would have liked the book to devolve a bit more into the gritty, drug addict side of things. I don’t think Jacob’s character was nearly dramatic enough for someone who is addicted to crystal meth.

This book is just totally not worth the time, money, or energy. Skip it.

1 star of 5