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The Girl With Borrowed Wings by Rinsai Rossetti

Very rarely do you come across a book with such an easily cast glamor as The Girl With Borrowed Wings. Seriously, it was like a breath of fresh air in a desert of lame-o teen dramas. 11737310

Frenenqer Paje (say that three times fast) is a girl with an UBER-controlled life. Her father dictates her every move and has made it clear to her that the only reason she exists is to be the person he imagined. He wants the perfect daughter, so that’s what she’ll be. Growing up in an “oasis” in the middle of (what I only imagine is) a Middle Eastern culture, the desert temperature isn’t the only thing suffocating Frenenqer.

Little does she know that when she rescues a dying cat from a crowded market stall, this one tiny act of rebellion sets her bland life into motion. The cat isn’t what it first appears to be (this is YA fiction, after all) and his presence in Frenenqer’s life opens up a whole new world.


(Whatever, I know you were thinking it…)

This is definitely one of the most original ideas/concepts that I’ve read in a while and one of the few stories that made me grow to care for the characters. I wanted Frenenqer to be free, I wanted her to know love, I WANTED HER DAD TO JUST FREAKING DIE!! (And I wanted to smack her mother, but that’s beside the point).

FINALLY a great stand-alone novel! Read it, because you are seriously missing out.

5 falling feathers of 5