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Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Ok, ok… Color me surprised. Glow ended up being a lot more engrossing and entertaining than I expected. Frankly, the market is glutted with teen dramas and post-apocalyptic novels and most of these are just trash.

(That’s what happens when you demand quantity, not quality, you dick publishing companies!) Glow

But I digress, Glow flips POVs between Waverly Marshall and Kieran Alden. They have been pretty much betrothed to each other from day one, but when Kieren proposes to Waverly shit gets real. They’re only fifteen, but such young matches are encouraged by their fertility-troubled parents. K&W are part of the first generation successfully conceived in deep space and onboard the Empyrean you’re expected to start early for the benefit of the human race. Gotta have a population to help colonize the new earth, right?

The real problems start when the companion ship, New Horizon, gets too close for comfort. As it turns out, they ARE there for their own nefarious purposes–ALL the girls are abducted and most of Empyrean’s adults are killed or out of commission. That leaves Kieran and the boys alone to man the ship in a kind of intergalactic Lord of the Flies-type scenario. And as for what Waverly experiences onboard the New Horizon… Let’s just say she probably would rather face a nuclear meltdown…

I really enjoyed this book and I’ve totally lucked out on space reads this year. This one is really well done and it moves away from the typical YA fiction trends. It was one of those stories I could read without my finger marking where the next chapter is… *sigh* Seven more pages to go…

I’ll definitely be reading Spark when I can get my hands on it!

4 nebulas of 5