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Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck

Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan are at it again in the second installment of the Tiger’s Curse series by Colleen Houck. This time, K&R FINALLY realize their extreme love for one another and all of us girls can breathe a sigh of relief and bask in a few chapters of hearts-aflutter feel good times. BUT after Ren’s heart-breaking capture by Lokesh’s goons, Kelsey and Kishan are forced to go on quest numero dos together. (You didn’t think they’d live happily ever after that easily, did you, nubcake?) After she experiences terrible visions of the torture Ren is enduring on her behalf, the time crunch is on to find him before it’s too late.

And this book kills me, it kills me. The same way the Vampire Diaries show kills me. Cliff hangers galore and WHYYYYYYYY??? moments are sure to have you reaching for the calm-down pills. Especially towards the end once you realize what’s really going on. Stupid idiot tigers and their stupid idiot curses. 

This book was just as nail-bitingly good as the first in the series. Believe me.

Oh yeah, and there are super powers now!

I was pissed with the whole Ren-capture thing. It’s highly reminiscent of the Twilight series where in New Moon Edward is removed from the situation and feelings are allowed to blossom between the girl and the other point on the love triangle.

It makes me yell “NO” loudly and startle my boyfriend.

That being said, Kishan is a really nice guy. In fact, Houck is skilled enough in her writing to make a reader consider changing sides. That rarely happens to me, but in this situation I could definitely see it.

I’m glad Kelsey is much less of a vadge in her current adventures, because it makes the whole thing more bearable. I can’t stand the Oh, why me? This is terrible! What am I to do? puts-a-hand-to-forehead-and-faints-backwards-gracefully kind of crap women are expected to indulge in. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, kick-ass heroines are where it’s at.

Now where matters of the heart are concerned… That’s a little more complicated…

5 lightning bolts of 5

Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

I’m going to start by saying I LOVED this book. Meow. I mean, Rawr. GRR. Whatever. Loved it. My dear friend/ex-boss/covert concert alcohol partner in crime Monica recommended it to me on the very first day we met. I knew I loved that girl. 

Let’s just say Colleen Houck’s Tiger’s Curse is one part Aladdin, a healthy dose Twilight love triangle, two parts Indiana Jones, a dash of Indian mythology, and a pinch of fur.


TC got off to a bit of a slow start building up to the action. Senior Kelsey Hayes lives in Oregon and has an average life with her vegan-food-eating foster family. After applying for a summer job as an assistant tiger caretaker at the local circus, Kelsey unknowingly becomes an integral part of unlocking an ancient Indian curse that traps two devastatingly handsome AND rich (*cough cough*)  Indian princes in tiger bodies for 23.5 hours of the day. So she’s swept off on a harrowing adventure to India to bargain with goddesses, battle demons, overcome obstacles, retrieve magical objects, and do all sorts of cool stuff.

Why can’t interesting things happen to me? (I’m still waiting for my superpowers to develop…)

I immensely enjoyed this book and I can’t believe so many publishers turned Houck down. (How do you say her name? I just do a back of the throat hawwrrrking sound…) I like it when love and adventure are thrown together along with some exotic settings.


Kelsey did annoy me at times, because she is extremely naive in the beginning and also makes some very poor hot man choices along the way. We all do, but come on! Who wouldn’t want a hot rich boyfriend that turned into a cute tiger? Dhiren is the nicest guy ever! (My boyfriend’s hot, but his cuddling skills can’t compete with a 600 lb cat…)

This is a page-turner, my dears. Even for those of you who are allergic to cats. I’m reading the second of the series as we speak.

5 pink tiger noses of 5