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Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

Somehow the fact that I ever even read Wicked Appetite totally slipped my mind until last night. I mean, maybe it was because I started and finished it on the long sojourn from England back to Florida. I was so exhausted by the time I landed, I wiped out as soon as I got home. Wicked Appetite

Anyway, that doesn’t really matter.

In her traditionally light-hearted voice, Evanovich introduces yet another goofy, bumbling female protagonist a la Stephanie Plum. Lizzy Tucker. Lizzy is a baker living in Boston who has a penchant for making the best damn cupcakes you’ll ever taste. She (of course) has a wacky cast of characters surrounding her including:

  • Clarinda Dazzle-owner of Dazzle’s bakery, Lizzy’s boss.
  • Gloria “Glo” Binkly-funny would-be witch that also works at the bakery. Responsible for many zany mishaps.
  • Shirley More- the bakery’s best customer, buying two dozen (or more) cupcakes a day.
  • Carl-a monkey.
  • Diesel-a mysteriously sexy yet slightly dangerous stranger that walks into the bakery one day and changes Lizzy’s life.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I feel like Janet Evanovich kind of just has a formula for a story and just plugs new characters into the slots. I read many of the Stephanie Plum novels as a teenager, and I really enjoyed them because it was my first go round with this author. But now… eh. Just eh. I mean, I read it in one sitting on a plane and it kept me entertained. It did it’s job. But my life wasn’t changed by it or anything.

And “Clarinda Dazzle”?? Come on. Are we writing a children’s book here?

I liked the beginning of the seven deadly sins premise, this book being focused on gluttony. But it wasn’t compelling enough to make me want to go back for seconds.

If you need a light beach read or need something to cure your War and Peace hangover–here you go.

But, in general I’d say skip it. Obviously I’d forgotten I’d even read it…

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