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Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Potter

So all my Facebook friends know that I love cooking and I try and make something yummy for my boyfriend every night. When I lived in England I cooked up a storm! (The food there actually is gross. And then there’s this… I knew the burgers tasted too gamey…) Well, my mad skills carried over back in the States and I haven’t looked back.

Cooking for Geeks combines two of my greatest loves–science and cooking. From the time I was a little kid I used to go in the kitchen or bathroom and mix random ingredients together to make “potions.” (I still don’t know why my mom wouldn’t drink Listerine/glitter/concealer potion–sheesh).

cooking_geeks_620I figured that CFG would be a cookbook with interesting little Pop Up Video-style notes in the margins talking about why this ingredient reacted to that and blah blah blah. Not really. It was more of a whole book of scientific methods involved in cooking–like the Maillard reaction involved in browning meat–with recipes interspersed here and there.

They also had mini-interviews with well-known geeks who were into cooking, like Adam Savage from Mythbusters. My inner geek glowed.

Potter clearly loves experimenting with food and encourages people to not be afraid to fail in cooking. You have to make some nasty food before you can figure out how to make something truly delicious. (Like the time I cooked chicken IN red wine and got purple, tough meat. Blegh!) After all, he notes, you can always order a pizza.

He talks a lot about food safety and cooking things to the correct temperature–and how long things last before they get dangerously full of microbes. Yikes. I’m a little paranoid now.

I do think that he went a little too in depth with some of the cooking methods–either that or this manuel is clearly not for beginners. A lot of these techniques I will probably never use (who has time to foam an egg?) but they were interesting to read about all the same. I’m never gonna make instant ice cream with dry ice, but hey–whatever floats your boat.

This is NOT a cookbook, but rather a kitchen guide for the scientifically-minded.

Enjoy, fellow geeks!

4 in-oven pizza stones of 5

Geektastic edited by Holly Black & Cecil Castellucci

Now, you might be thinking, Chelsea? A geek? A nerd? She’s tall and blonde and looks like everything geeks stand against.  

And you would be wrong.

I am a geek because I read everything I can get my hands on. I attend every Renaissance Festival I can, and have even been known to dress up on occasion. I own a mermaid tail that I actually swim in. I played World of Warcraft for three years straight (for the Horde!) and a small part of my heart will be forever dedicated to Tauren hunters. I can recite full passages from Harry Potter, gone to Platform 9 3/4, and visited HP World at Islands of Adventures.  And I have a Quidditch jersey and a Gryffindor scarf–even though Pottermore has sorted me into the Ravenclaw House. I have seen all the Star Wars AND all the Lord of the Rings–not to mention read all the way from The Hobbit to The Return of the King. I own a pair of vampire fangs and a set of elf ears. Thanks to my dear friends (who are very far away from me at the moment, but not forgotten) Wendy, Bret, Annie, Stephan, and Mike–I know the difference between chaotic neutral and chaotic good. (And thanks to Wendy especially, I know which qualities make a great Dungeon Master).

In short, I am a geek.

And proudly so.

Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd is definitely one of the more entertaining anthologies I’ve read in awhile. I’ve been busy touring around the Pip Pip Cheerio countryside, so it was nice to be able to pick up short stories and put them down just as quickly. I really liked that all types of geeks were represented within the stories. Trekkies, Hans Solo-Wannabes, Elvish Linguists, Gamer Geeks, Sci-Fi Nerds, Comic Book fans, Super Hero Worshippers, D&D Villians, Video Game Addicts, Old Horror Film Buffs and all their ilk. Basically all of my friends are well-represented.

As in all anthologies, there are some stories that are the cornerstones of the book, while the others sag a little in the middle. This is no exception to that rule, but still definitely worth it to those of us who can finish the phrase, “You remind me of the babe…”

3 of 5 mint-condition comics