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Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Since I tore through Divergent and my wonderful lover man bought me a kickass Kindle Fire HD last month, Insurgent was the next obvious choice on my reading list.

And I was not disappointed. 11735983

Roth has managed to create a dystopian Chicago that is very believable, and in Insurgent she has definitely upped the political ante. With Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews at the helm of a anarchist movement, it’s up to Tris, Four, and the others to stop her. With Amity refusing to fight and Candor backed into a corner, who will come to the loyal Dauntless’ aid?

Four’s new alliance with the Factionless seems like the answer to their prayers, until a new piece of information is dangled in front of them. When Tris comes to the realization that the Factionless’ move against Jeanine might not be the right choice, she must choose between siding with Four or Four’s worst nightmare–his father.  But will their love last with this betrayal?

Or will they even survive?

Tris must battle the gut-wrenching sadness and guilt that are threatening to overwhelm her. She must embrace her Divergence and her newly found Divergent counterparts if they are to have any hope for a better tomorrow. And she must cheat death and disaster countless times.

I was really entertained by Insurgent. I don’t think it was better than Divergent–which held more of the new-world-building wonder and romantic intrigue. But it definitely set the ball rolling for some major things in the third book, and I am interested to see where it ends up. I just got a little tired of Erudite totally raping the other factions and their “wudda we do? wudda we do?” attitudes. None of them seemed very willing to stand up for themselves, which was weird.

And Tris and Four’s relationship irritated me a lot. It seems like they are both so harsh and unrelenting that it’s difficult for them to be together. You can’t have two “my way or the highway” people and expect it to work. Both of them kept too many secrets from the other, and it only ultimately lead to disaster. If it was real love he wouldn’t question her motives so often. But… maybe things will turn out for the best.

Divergence is a deviation from the norm and the ability to adapt to multiple situations/change according to what works best. And that’s what the new world order is going to need if Tris and her friends are to make it out alive.

There was a definite cliff-hanger at the end of the book, so I’m eagerly awaiting the third (final?) installment.

4 simulation serums of 5




Divergent by Veronica Roth

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if people of opposing viewpoints, attitudes, and opinions just completely split away from each other? Well, Veronica Roth introduces us to that idea in Divergent. Her dystopian society is split into five factions:

  • Dauntless– Those who value bravery and fearlessness more than anything else.
  • Erudite– People devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and new technology.
  • Amity– Citizens who seek happiness as their number one priority.
  • Candor– Those that are honest no matter how painful the truth can be.
  • Abnegation– People that view selflessness and sacrifice as the only way to achieve a greater good.

Which one would you belong to?

Which moral is your top priority?

Now what if I told you that you’d be raised in one faction, but on your 16th year you had the choice to change factions. You take a test to help determine your aptitude. But the caveat is, if you change factions–to become who you truly are–you must forsake your family from then on and give up the only life you’ve ever known. Pretty tough choice.

For Beatrice, her time is up. She soon must make the decision that will change her life forever. Will she give up Abnegation and her family? Or will her test results reveal something different?

I absolutely devoured Divergent. Not only do I love a good dystopian society novel, but I like the idea of the different factions. It was easy for me to see where I’d end up. Candor. With the rest of the brutally honest people. Haha. My family would be there too, I’m sure. I know for a fact I’m too chicken shit for Dauntless. There’s no way I’m jumping on and off and moving train every day!

Roth created an interesting world, and Beatrice was an interesting main character. I felt that there were some discrepancies in her character that couldn’t be explained away. How does one raised to be so meek and timid so easily become a fighter? She got to be pretty tough pretty quickly, and although she may have had some innate qualities that would’ve eventually come forward–it all seemed like it happened pretty fast. I just couldn’t quite picture this little mousy blonde girl having this other kick ass side.

But maybe that’s just a flaw on my part.

That being said, I will definitely be continuing the series. I can’t wait to see what happens next, and Divergent was over much too quickly. The fear simulations were really interesting–and totally terrifying to imagine. (Like I said, I’m not Dauntless material…) The bad guys were totally bad and the love interest was… interesting. It’s definitely a new favorite.

For those of you who’ve also read it, how did you feel?

5 ravening dogs of 5

Oh, and if you’d like to take the test to find out which faction you’d be in, click here. 

Let me know your results 😉