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Butter by Erin Jade Lange


What if the only way you could win popularity was by killing yourself?

This is “Butter’s” dilemma. As a morbidly obese teen in a high school full of jocks and Barbie-wannabe’s, he is worse than unpopular. He’s invisible.

All 430 pounds of him.

So when he decides to kill himself, he wants to go out with a bang. Inspired by a hateful blog comment about him, he makes a website called www.butterslastmeal.com . Fine, everyone thinks he’s a fat slob. He’ll show them. New Year’s Eve, he’s going to eat himself to death live on webcam.

So when his website garners him TONS of popularity around school, instead of mortification he feels good. Finally he’s getting noticed. Finally he has friends. So why does life have to be so sweet right now, at the very end?

This book was awesome and it’s so socially relavant I could weep. It addresses bullying and the wide range of feelings that come with it–good and bad. It’s interesting to understand that even though Butter was “popular” it was for all the wrong reasons, and his “friends” were really cheering on his death. That’s some crazy shit.

It sounds so cliche, but I loved Butter’s personality. I’m glad that he got mad and I’m glad that he fought back. His love interest, Anna, was a dumb little twit, and you could see him starting to realize that in little glimmers throughout the book. There was nothing to admire about her except her beauty.

I personally have never had to struggle with my weight, and for that I feel blessed. I can’t grasp what it’s like to use food as an emotional crutch, and maybe that’s why I’m so intensely interested in hearing people’s weight loss stories. To view food as a comfort mechanism is foreign to me, but a blight on so many others.

But Butter reminds us that no one is too far gone to be helped, and first and foremost you must love yourself–big or small.

4 sticks of butter of 5