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Eona by Alison Goodman

Remember when I told you guys a couple months ago that I had a total Mulan fantasy growing up? (Ok, I still have it, but thats beside the point). Eon fed it, and the sequel Eona totally fanned the flames. Who doesn’t want to have amazing sword-fighting skills and dragon magic? Not to mention a handsome prince vying for your affection…

Far from being some cheesy Yu-gi-oh or Dragonball Z crap, Goodman blends ancient Japan and China into one mythical empire sustained by dragon energy. The Dragoneyes are the sacred liaisons between the creatures and the kingdom. Now that Eona has revealed her untraditional femininity, danger faces her from multiple directions. With all of the other Dragoneyes massacred except the evil Lord Ido, it is up to her alone to save the empire from Sethon’s army. EONA_jktmech-3.indd

But an ancestor’s ancient rage looms over Eona–fueling her violent urges–and Kygo’s feelings for her may only be putting his life in danger.

Will love or the quest for power win this epic battle?

Can’t you just see the movie trailer already??

I loved this book, and despite it being more than 600 pages and having a horribly tacky cover. (Seriously, don’t judge it. It looks like something for anime fans, but it isn’t). I thought Eona had great character development, and this book lacked the slow-moving scenes of the first book. I thought it was a success on Goodman’s part to install a love triangle in the saga–and it was so well executed that I found myself going back and forth between which man I was rooting for. Dela the she-male advisor to Eona was by far my favorite character. I really admired her strength in the face of adversity and how she balanced the two aspects of her personality.

5 hua of 5

Eon by Alison Goodman

So sometimes I like to fantasize that I was Asian in a past life. I’m absolutely enthralled by Ancient China and Japan and I think their cultures and beliefs are some of the most interesting that have ever existed. Dragons and guardians and energy and fireworks… How could you not love it?

I’m burning incense just thinking about it. eon

Mulan was always one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid. She wasn’t a princess, she was a warrior. I admired her the most because she was one of the few female characters Disney presented as strong and independent–she wasn’t wrapped around a man and she certainly didn’t need rescuing. She was the anti-damsel in distress.

Eon by Alison Goodman reminded me of Mulan in a lot of ways. We’ve got a cross-dressing young girl with a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. And dragons. And an emperor’s fate riding on her shoulders. Good stuff.

Eon is a 16 year old girl disguised as a 12 year old boy. She has the rare gift of Dragon Sight, her’s made even more rare because she can see all twelve Asian dragons and not just the one she could possibly link to

When the day comes the Council must choose a new Dragoneye Apprentice, Eon has her work cut out for her–not only because she’s a girl in drag, but also because one of her hips was crippled in an accident. But her Master’s fortune is resting on her performance.

The kicker is, once Eon is chosen it’s not as if it’s all fun and games from there. She must contend with the evil Lord Ito and Lord Sethon who oppose the good emperor and whom are trying to take over his throne. Not to mention that something seems to be wrong with the connection to her dragon. The more she assumes a masculine role, the more the dragon fades from her minds eye.


I adored everything about this book and I fully intend to read the sequel. While it can be a little slow in some parts, all the dragon lore and dastardly plotting kept me awake well into the night. Girl power!

4 steamed dumplings of 5