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Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck

Tigers and dragons and sea monsters, oh my! In the third installment of the Tiger’s Curse series, Tiger’s Voyage, we meet Kelsey and feline hotties Ren and Kishan in the middle of yet another adventure. Don’t these kids ever stay home and watch trashy television?? Sheesh. 

This time they are on the third part of Durga’s quest and are now seeking the legendary Black Pearl Necklace, which would unlock another 6 hours of human-time for the tigers. That’s 18 hours a day. I mean, A) What’s with black pearls, man? They seem like nothing but trouble no matter what story you read and B) Wouldn’t you kinda just want to forget about the questing after they got their 18 hours back? I see no problem with your boyfriend being a cuddly tiger for 6 hours a day. Probably be nicer to sleep next to than a dude. Less snoring and farting, anyway…

Oh yeah, and the love triangle is still going… *sigh* But this time there are boats and sea creatures and magical dragons. At least we have distraction from the teenage angst…

The trio must now face challenges that test them more than ever before. In an underwater world, mad tiger fighting skills aren’t very effective and who knows if Kelsey’s power will translate in a ultra-high conductivity environment? They must face six ancient Asian dragons, which is awesome, but they’re a far cry from the fluffy and cute Falkor from The Neverending Story. They’re actually kind of bastards, really.

More like this….

Of course, I really enjoyed this book. It was a real page turner. As not only a lady born in year of the dragon, but also a huge underwater/sea creatures fan–I loved the mental imagery within this story. Reading this series has honestly just made me want to visit India or Thailand terribly. It seems so neat. (And by the way, I tried Indian food for the first time at the Spice Lounge down the street and it was AMAZING. Like really. Nom).

BUT–there is a but–as I have stated before, I am SO sick of this love triangle business. Pick one hot, rich, awesome, sweet, nice, loving, romantic Indian brother and stick with him. God! (And give me the number of the spare while you’re at it!) Is it really that hard? Tiger’s Voyage reveals more goings-on as far as Ren’s amnesia goes, and I don’t know whether to be relieved or annoyed. He’s still acting like a dick for the first half of the book, and Kelsey’s being a stubborn brat for the second half. Thankfully, she is finally leaning in the direction that the story will ultimately take–although I can’t say I agree with her choice.

Oh, and the scuba instructor was ANNOYING.

But all in all, read it my dears, love it like I do. The fourth and–I imagine–final book Tiger’s Destiny was just released yesterday (but I am waiting for the Kindle version to follow on the 13th).

5 Architeuthis of 5