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The Virgin by Erik Barmack

So… This book turned out much differently than I expected… The Virgin by Erik Barmack is about a bachelor named “Jeb” that feels he is aimlessly floating through his life. So he decides to audition to be a cast member on the new hit reality TV show called The Virgin (about, you guessed it… a virgin.) He gets accepted and he and 20-odd other men are competing on national television to win beautiful, blonde “Madison’s” virginity.


This book was interesting in that Barmack used several different perspectives to tell the story. Jeb was the main narrator, but there were also letters from Madison describing her feelings throughout the whole process, and the show was described from the viewers’ point of view as well. There was a pretty good description of life in the bachelor house that the men lived in and I could imagine the strangeness of that whole scenario. That being said, I didn’t really get a good feel for the relationships that were being spawned between the men and The Virgin (as she was called during the whole book– which I found a bit irritating.) I also didn’t like how the taping of the show only seemed to span a few weeks, yet men were already declaring their undying love for her. Especially since I don’t think Madison ever developed very strongly as a character. But then again, “reality” TV shows never seem to be that real, do they?

There were some stand out characters that made life interesting for Jeb. The beautiful virgin, obviously, but also the other men. Nova, King Douchebag of the house, Fat Jack, Shep the cowboy, Greg the religious virgin, etc… I liked seeing their different interactions with each other. You’ll also find yourself rooting for a certain character to win the prize.

I would recommend this book to followers of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette TV series, but people who don’t like manufactured drama should avoid it. There is a twist ending, which in my eyes is predictable halfway through, but let’s see what you think…

2 of 5 stars