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Don’t Be That Guy by Colin Nissan & Sean Farrell

We all know a guy. A really annoying, terrible one who probably never gets laid. And somehow just can’t quite fathom why his Chewbacca noises and never-ending sports statistics fail to panty-drop. It’s because he doesn’t know he’s THAT GUY.

Nissan and Farrell chronicle (and illustrate) 60 different horrible examples of manhood, with the advice. “Don’t be that guy.” They also advise that upon reading their book, you may smile, you may laugh, then you may turn the page and have that grin drop right off your face.

Yep, honey. You’re that guy. 

Maybe you’re the one who still thinks doing Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions is still funny. (It isn’t.)

Maybe you’re the one who likes to stand right next to other guys at the urinal and strike up a conversation. (That’s creepy.)

Maybe you’re the one who thinks that stripper actually likes you. (She doesn’t.)

Or maybe you’re the one who brags about his number of female conquests–including hookers. (You’re gross.)

You are sleazy and annoying and no one wants to be your friend or date you. And if you have friends or a girlfriend, either they’re also a THAT GUY or they’re just tolerating your bad behavior.

You get the drift.

You’re kind of a douche.

This book made me laugh out loud a couple of times and then mentally tally up the guys I knew that matched some of these descriptions. (It’s not looking good, people.)

Please, for the love of all that is holy, if you are THAT GUY or you know THAT GUY–read this book. Change your ways. Isn’t the world already filled with enough bad things?

3 stripper-loving, AHNULD-sounding, hooker-screwing douchebags of 5