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Taming the Beast by Emily Maguire

This was a pretty freaky book. Like not *bump* what was that?? freaky, more like OMFG WHY IS THIS HAPPENING, EW-kind of freaky. TamingtheBeast-vert-right

Taming the Beast chronicles the insatiable sexual appetite of Sarah Clark, whom at 14–after having an illicit love affair with her 38 year old English teacher–goes on a mad sex spree that would make Don Juan and Casanova reach for the penicillin. It seems as though her first sexual awakening with Mr. Carr was indescribably intense. Unfortunately, after his wife discovers the affair and forces the family to leave the area, it is one she must seek to replicate with others. Many others.

This book was compulsively readable because you kept wondering what Sarah would do next. (Or maybe more appropriately who she would do next). Sure, she did have some traumatic things happen to her… but nothing I feel that completely excused her behavior. She had sex with her unfathomably loyal best friend Jamie–before and after he was married, all her friends’ lovers, random back alley pick-ups, and pretty much anyone and anything with a pulse and a penis. Instead of this illustrating Sarah’s extreme sexual potency, it really just made me feel sorry for her.

And honestly question how she avoided disease for that long.

In fact, the only person I truly felt sorry for was Jamie. He really stood by her through thick and thin and was obviously “the One” for her. Too bad she was too busy hate-screwing Mr. Carr when they met up again seven years down the line. That being said, I do NOT understand Jamie’s irresistible attraction to her. Yes, his wife was pretty dull and goody-two-shoes, but he also made the choice to have unprotected sex with her in college. She got pregnant, they got married. Same old story.

He pretty much brought the situation on himself.

But he was the only person Sarah could always rely on, and I feel like she totally took advantage of his feelings for her. Instead of letting Jamie’s kind heart and innate goodness buoy her up, she just sunk further into the tepid pools of anonymous sex. Gross.

I didn’t understand the characters’ behaviors or attractions, but it was addicting…

4 cigarette butts of 5