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Be Thrifty: How to Live Better with Less compiled by Pia Catton and Calithia Suntree

So, in light of the not-so recent economic downturn (or better yet, in light of the fact that I’m working for minimum wage for the first time in 6 years) I decided to give Be Thrifty: How to Live Better with Less a try. A compilation by Pia Catton and Calithia Suntree (a name only previously thought to exist in World of Warcraft…) the book is a collection of essays, recipes, tips, tricks, and skills on how to—get this— spend less and save more! While not exactly a novel concept, I liked the way the book was fashioned, with the sections being organized into the categories of your life they’d fall under (ex. saving in the kitchen, home repairs, personal grooming, raising thrifty kids, etc…)

Be Thrifty

Definitely my favorite part were the essays located in each chapter, because they are what gave real life to the book. Call me crazy, but reading 30 pages on how to fix a toilet or patch a hole in the wall is just not my idea of entertainment. To give credit where credit is due, though, I’m sure this book isn’t really meant to be read from cover to cover as I did, so that’s why I may have found that it lagged a bit.

I did learn several new products/skills to use in my everyday life that will aid me in the pursuit of saving rather than spending. I really liked the idea presented about shopping. Basically it stated that when you stumble upon something in a store that you “can’t live without,”  just realize that, up until five minutes ago, you were doing exactly that. Before you knew it existed, you were perfectly content with what you had. Something to think about, for sure…

4 of 5 stars