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Animal Farm by George Orwell


Oh, George Orwell… You crazy old coot. Animal Farm was not at all what I expected, yet TOTALLY enhanced by the rad illustrations. I read the 50th anniversary edition–depicted by none other than the famous Ralph Steadman–most well-known for his collaborations with Hunter S. Thompson. His addition of chicken cloacas, donkey penises, and pig anuses definitely livened things up a bit… (No, but seriously…)

Orwell’s classic tale is an allegory of government control and the gradual capitulation of power by the ignorant masses. By letting others lead us without question, we allow ourselves to become vulnerable to manipulation and absolute control. The poor dumb farm animals are us, and the pigs in power are our “leaders.”

They always have our best interests at heart, right?

I’m really not one for waxing political, but I think this story is a simple way to understand what happens when we are too eager for someone else to take the reins. *neigh*

4 work horses of 5