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Uninvited by Amanda Marrone

Uninvited by Amanda Marrone tells the tale of Jordan, a high school girl whose two month relationship with Michael–the high school all-star–was the highlight of her life. Unfortunately her brief moment in the sun was ruined when she broke up with Michael, and completely went sour when he turned up dead shortly thereafter. Michael’s parents declared that his death was a suicide, even though his throat had been slashed under mysterious circumstances. Jordan knows better. Michael loved life (and girls) too much to kill himself. 

Jordan’s life since Michael’s death has been a sad series of random party hook-ups, getting trashed with her no-good “frenemies,” and trying to avoid attention in the hallways at all cost.

That is, until Michael appears one night at her window.

Demanding to be let in.

Declaring his undying love.

Wanting to spend forever with her.

If only she’ll open the window…

Well… Uninvited was on my Amazon wishlist (an awesome way to keep track of your reading list, I might add…) for about a trillion years before I got around to reading it.  I stumbled upon it at my store one day and knew it was time. And I have to say, I was a bit disappointed.

I didn’t  mind Jordan as a character, but I didn’t like or understand the fact that she was terrified of walking down the hallway by herself, but could go to random parties and have sex with strangers without a problem. The two don’t seem to mesh very well. I get the fact that she was abusing drugs and alcohol, and that affects your judgement, but at the same time how could she be so painfully shy during the day and so promiscuous at night? If nothing else you’d think all the sex would make her more popular! Rachel was an interesting best friend, and if she had been the main character the book would’ve had a completely different spin.

That being said, I did like how Marrone was really up front with all these teen issues. Most authors skirt around talking bluntly about teens having sex and doing drugs because they want to avoid “gate keepers” (parents and teachers who read books before they allow their kids access) getting in the way. Marrone was fearless in that regard, and I do appreciate that. I also liked that she made Jordan really conflicted about Michael and her feelings for him. She missed being with him, but deep down she knew that something was wrong with him.

However, even though Jordan was characterized by her poor decision-making, I could never see why she was in love with Michael. From what I gather, he was very handsome, but he was such a jerk! Any guy who is going to force physical activity on a girl right away is no bueno. I guess it all boils down to teenage girls and their poor self-esteem. It’s a universal theme in young adult fiction, sadly enough.

The conclusion was a little anti-climactic, and I never felt connected enough to the secondary characters to really care what happened to them. Oh well, it wasn’t a long or difficult read…

Uninvited can stay unread.

2 of 5 stars