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Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

It’s been a long time coming for the supposedly “last” book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. With a huge fan base and a wildly popular HBO TV series (Alexander Skarsgard, anyone? Nomnomnomnom), Charlaine Harris is living the life that most poor starving authors can only dream of. Unfortunately, she may have been too deeply asleep when she wrote Dead Ever After… Someone needs to pinch the crap out of her! dead-ever-after-by-charlaine-harris-cover-3_4_r560

DEA seems to exist solely to tie up any plot threads that are still left–gasping for air–no matter how weak they may be. Eric, the fairies, Sam, the Weres, Amelia… You name it. Unfortunately, Harris seems to bring up a few new characters and then forget about them–leaving their stories unanswered. But not in a cliff-hanger/spinoff kinda way. More like a “Oh, I totally forgot about that, but oh well my manuscript is due tomorrow! *Send*” kinda way.

Also, as much as I’ve enjoyed the majority of the SS series… Can we please stop detailing Sookie’s mundane day-to-day life?? She literally wasted a whole sentence–awholesecondofmylife!–bemoaning how hard it is to stuff a Digiornio box in the trash. Seriously?? Way to yank me out of the moment. I know plenty about taking the garbage out, not so much about the TrueBlood vamps. That’s what I’m paying you to write about, not pizza boxes.

AND–I DON’T WANT TO SPOIL ANYTHING FOR YOU–BUT… The way she handled Sookie’s love life in this book was very strange. And I would NOT have made the same choice had I been in her shoes. Ew. I mean, woof.

All in all, since I have OCD about this sort of thing–I’m glad I read DEA. However, if this had been my first Charlaine Harris experience… I would’ve run screaming for the hills. I can appreciate a light pool-side read every now and again, but if Sookie’s story gets any lighter it just might float away.

3 bite marks of 5


Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

Coyote shapeshifter mechanic Mercy Thompson is at it again in Patricia Brigg’s second installment Blood Bound. I’ve only read the first two of the series, but so far I’d say it would be the love child between Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series and Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. Except without the easy Southern charm of the former and the sex appeal of the latter. 

This time tattooed, tom-boy Mercy is there to help her vampire friend Stefan out of a bit of trouble. Unfortunately, they both get a little more than they bargained for when the rogue vampire they’re pursuing turns out to be demonically possessed. Enter the creep factor. Especially during the trailer attack scene. Blegh. I can deal with monsters and mayhem, but a psychopath really creeps me out. I like being a little scared by books, especially when my hulking Boy is sleeping next to me. But other than that scene, it wasn’t a particularly disturbing tale.

I like this series kind of the same way I enjoy peanut butter and fluff sandwiches…. Occasionally I’ll get a craving for it, but it’s not something I can sustain myself on for long. I usually enjoy paranormal fiction, as long it’s not too heavily dosed with romance. I like love stories but I HATE romance novels. Blood Bound isn’t love-heavy, but it kind of has the archtypal confusing love triangle garbage that I, for one, am quite tired of. Can’t a love story between two people ever be enough? (Having been involved in a love triangle at one point, I can verify that it’s neither as arousing or as exciting as one might imagine… More so confusing and inconvenient, really).

I do like Mercy’s rugged I’m-kind-of-a-badass-but-I’m-still-a-girl nature, however. I’m all about the heroines. I think I just may have come across this series too late in the game, after teenage years filled with Laurell K. Hamilton, Kelley Armstrong, and Anne Rice… it’s hard to compete.

Bottom line: beach read at it’s finest.

3 tattooed mechanics of 5

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Sookie, Sookie, Sookie… What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into now? Well, turns out it because of all those damn vampires you associate with. Surprise, surprise… In Deadlocked by our beloved Charlaine Harris, Sookie once again finds herself in the center of a legal/paranormal shit storm. This time her (sexy) Area 5 Sheriff boyfriend Eric has been accused of killing a girl who ended up dead on his front lawn during a party. No big deal, people die, right? Surely it wasn’t Eric! But when Sookie walks in on Eric erotically feeding from the girl shortly before her death… Let’s just say even she has her suspicions about his innocence.

*cue Weezer’s “Say it Ain’t So…”*

Now not only is Sookie questioning her lover’s involvement in the girl’s death, but now she has her fae cousin Claude’s fishy behavior to contend with. Oh yeah, and that hateful bitch Jannalyn (that Sam is STILL dating) definitely seems like she’s up to no good. *sigh*

If I were Sookie I’d be booking the first flight out of Louisiana I could get–grandma’s house or not. Forget that mess!

As always, Harris has churned out another page-turning novel. But, I will admit that the quality of her work has gone down with her last few projects. They girl-next-door aspect of Sookie’s personality that we all know and love is getting a little tired, especially when Harris wastes page space with detailed descriptions of mundane activities like folding clothes and cooking. We get that Sookie is just like the rest of us, but I have never in my life started a story with “One time, when I was folding laundry….” Get to the goods, woman!

I sensed a definite air of closure during this book, and Harris went through the motions of tying up most of the supporting characters’ loose ends. The only real question mark left is what’s going on between Eric and Sookie and at this point I don’t really know what I’m hoping for…

Definitely read Deadlocked if you’re a die-hard fan but you can skip it because (and I know it’s a bookworm sacrilege to say this but… the show’s better!)

3 fangbangers of 5