Why We Write edited by Meredith Maran

Everyone who knows me well knows that my one deep dark aspiration in life is to become a published author. Seriously, on my bucket list–seeing my name on a shelf on a table at  (or honestly, even in a corner of) Barnes & Noble–this dream comes before all others. And what, might you ask, am I actively doing to achieve this goal? 9780452298156_medium_Why_We_Write

Jack diddly squat.

I make excuses, I fiddle around. I clean my house. I turn on the tv. I look at those godforsaken demon-spawn time-sucking websites (that I ADORE), Facebook and Pinterest. Basically anything other than sitting still and putting words in a new document.

(Whatever dude, that blinking cursor is scary).

In Why We Write, twenty authors explain how they stay motivated, get past the cursor heebie-jeebies, and produce/publish their work. (And from the sounds of it, it seems many of them find the writing process as torturous as I do… Although there are several jerks who “can’t NOT write.” Well poop on them). I found myself dog-earring a ton of pages and I plan to write them all down in my “writer’s” notebook. (See? I have tons of ideas of things to do other than write!)

This book arrived at my door as an unexpected gift from my cousin, and I intend to put it to good use–just as soon as that laundry gets folded…

4 blank pages of 5


About Chelsea McDonald

As an avid reader since I was big enough to hold a book, I continue to enjoy losing myself in the thrall of a good story on a daily basis. Since many of my cohorts do not share the same passion, Cracking Spines will be the perfect outlet to express my adulation or frustration concerning the books that cross my path. In this way, my loyal followers will be able to enjoy the stories that are worthwhile and avoid the duds altogether. I also have a Shelfari account at http://www.shelfari.com/chelseamcdonald15 View all posts by Chelsea McDonald

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