The Blessed by Tonya Hurley

Oh, Miss Hurley… Why’d you have to go and do this to me?

I was so intrigued by The Blessed and its cover art is one of the most stunning I’ve seen all year. The premise is also pretty interesting–three girls are linked by similar religiously significant bracelets given to them by Sebastian–a mysteriously handsome dude–after they all have a near brush with death. Agnes–the hopeless romantic, tried to kill herself after her boyfriend broke up with her. Cece–the up and coming rockstar, got so wasted that she nearly drowned face down in a puddle. And finally, “Lucky” Lucy–a fame-obsessed starlet who’s overdose sent her to the hospital. They have nothing in common except the boy and the bracelets.

When they all find themselves trapped in an ancient church during one of the worst storms in history–the truth comes out. Is Sebastian really a saint or a psycho?

Such a good concept, utterly trashed. 9943228

Reading this book was seriously painful to me. Hurley felt the need to explain the what, why, and how of every little detail rather than let the reader draw their own conclusions. The whole thing “tells” without really “showing.” There were several times that I had to flip back because I thought I’d missed something, but I didn’t. The story was murky and confusing.

To top it off, all the girls were SO cliche and typecast. I seriously wanted to punch every single one of them in the face for a different reason. There was no moment in time that I cared for any of them and the fact that this is the first in a series is laughable.

YA publishers, can we please stop pumping out quantity over quality? How about some decent stand-alone books rather than a million craptastic trilogies??

2 slit wrists of 5


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