Dreamhunter and Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox


Without a doubt, Dreamhunter and Dreamquake are hands down some of the most original YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy I’ve read in AGES. Like seriously. No werewolves, no vampires, no paranormal romance. In Knox’s world (set in 1905), a select few are able to hike into the “Place”–a barren inter-dimensional desert-like wasteland full of dreams. Yep, kiddos, dreams. And in this world, dreams are sold as commodities.

Tziga Hame and Grace Tiebold were among the first Dreamhunters, and are by far the most famous. So, you can imagine how excited Tziga’s daughter Laura is to “Try.” Grace Tiebold’s daughter Rose is also up for her Try this year. To pass your Try, you must simply be able to step over the invisible line that separates our world from the Place. With dreamhunting comes fame and fortune, depending on how impressive your skills are. You can soothe people, influence them, torture them, and even grant their wildest fantasies.

Dream palaces are like hotels that people go to–to pay for the privilege of sleeping near a Dreamhunter. Anyone within their penumbra experiences the same dream. Pretty wild stuff.

But when our protagonist Laura finds out that the government may be using her father’s amazing ability to hurt people, she must find a way to stop them. Because, if you torture the dreamer you’re also torturing the Dreamhunter.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED these books. Some of my new favorites. I liked them so much that I am actually kinda pissed that these have been out for seven years and I haven’t seen ANY marketing or press for them at all. Even their covers are dull and drab. But, read them people! They need a movie for sure. They have crazy dreams, political intrigue, a smattering of romance, magic, and even a SANDMAN. Get it?? Dreams?! A sandman!!? Love it.

There were a few slow moments, for which I am taking away a star, but other than that this duet was unforgettable. Do it!

4 bites of Wakeful of 5


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