I am the words that are stuck in your throat.
I am the thought you wish you spoke aloud and the opinion you should’ve kept to yourself.
I am the ache in your joints and the roaring in your ears.
I am the thudding of your heart and the cold sweat on your palms.
I am the unknowable terror that doesn’t exist.
I am the made-up monster beneath your bed.
I am the action that is never taken and I am the reaction that never stops.
I cannot be starved away, burnt away, cut away, or ignored into exile.
I turn every second into an hour and consume every small happiness.
I am the strange symptom you did not anticipate and I am the loved one who never called.
I trade healing slumber for restless wakefulness.
I am the worst prediction and the false reality.
I inject mundane moments with adrenaline and exciting moments with numbness.
I am the endearments you choke on and the curses you swallow.
I am the food left cold on your plate and the snacks you just can’t put down.
I am the shiver up your spine and the flush of heat on your cheeks.
I am the phone call you refuse to take and the phone number you can’t stop calling.
I turn normalcy into nightmares.
I am the twinge in your gut and the blue underneath your nails.
I am the suspicion in your heart and the seed of doubt in your mind.
I am the bricks of the wall around you.
I am the money you aren’t making and the person that won’t talk to you.
I am the strange noises and the nights alone.
I am the impossible assignment and the incredible boredom.
I am your creation and I am your perception.
I am that which cannot be seen and can only be felt.
I am what is holding you back.
The only way I can be eliminated is to drown me in love, respect, and understanding.
To smother me with kindness and compassion.
To suffocate me with unconditional happiness and authority.
It is a conscious choice to release me and realize your potential.
Your potential to lead.
Your potential to learn.
And your potential to love.

About Chelsea McDonald

As an avid reader since I was big enough to hold a book, I continue to enjoy losing myself in the thrall of a good story on a daily basis. Since many of my cohorts do not share the same passion, Cracking Spines will be the perfect outlet to express my adulation or frustration concerning the books that cross my path. In this way, my loyal followers will be able to enjoy the stories that are worthwhile and avoid the duds altogether. I also have a Shelfari account at View all posts by Chelsea McDonald

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