Poem: Emma Bull

For it All

Fantasies of violence, breaking bottles on the wall

Hungry for the motion, for the action, for it all.

Road noise on the night street, see the tail lights through the blinds

Out there where your dreams slide toward the night side, for it all.

For it all, for it all, what you’re aching for

When the magic’s real

and like a fire in the sky

When the deal calls for a sacrifice and you know you cannot die

For the edge the best ones live on, for it all.

You want to be a hero, with the axe about to fall

You’d buy it for the love and for the glory, for it all.

You want to dress in black

and lose your heart beyond recall.

Hunt a dream through rain and thunder,

on your honor, for it all.

In you head, no car is fast enough

In your heart, no love is true

Would it ruin all your solitary fantasies

If I tell you that it isn’t only you?

Keep your ankles off the tailpipe,

Keeo your boot heels off the street

We’ll hit the throttle, we’ll hit the redline

We’ll find the edge

We’ll make it sweet

We’ll go for it all.

About Chelsea McDonald

As an avid reader since I was big enough to hold a book, I continue to enjoy losing myself in the thrall of a good story on a daily basis. Since many of my cohorts do not share the same passion, Cracking Spines will be the perfect outlet to express my adulation or frustration concerning the books that cross my path. In this way, my loyal followers will be able to enjoy the stories that are worthwhile and avoid the duds altogether. I also have a Shelfari account at http://www.shelfari.com/chelseamcdonald15 View all posts by Chelsea McDonald

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